Malus for Windows

Designed for Windows systems designed to accelerate a key Youku, love Fantastic Art, Tencent video, Bilibil, QQ music, music Netease and other Chinese special services, to unlock client app support
Download Malus for windows using standard IE Proxy technology, so any app that support this technology can access network through Malus, Such as: QQ Music, Tencent Video, Netease music. View help guide
2019-8-30 Current V0.7.0


支持绕防火墙特性 全局模式不影响国外网站访问




智能模式的更稳定的支持解锁应用 更健全的日志上报更快解决问题

Why our customers love Malus?

There have been 300,000+ users after launch one year, and it has been recommended by 5000+ users, with an average score of 4.9 (out of 5). We will work hard to make Malus perfect for our lovely customers.

  • So great , I've been looking for something like this for a while . And since unlock youku went down , I cant use those website for 2 years or so . It's very helpful , and much much more better than the old one I used.

    Runkai 2019.4.19
  • This is by far the best vpn that I have ever used! Finally I can watch anime on bilibili again ^o^

    Xueye 2019.5.3
  • It is a wonderful app. Better than I thought. I use this when I feel like watching movie and it goes very smoothly.

    Xin Wu 2019.5.15
  • tbh the best unblock vpn i've ever had. super looking forward to the mac version as i rly need it to use qqmusic

    Jennifer 2019.3.28
  • Finally, I could listen the QQ music out of china. Malus is awesome.

    Lee 2019.8.19
  • I cant imagine that I need to use VPN to watch quanzhigaoshou in Bilibili, CAO! Fortunately this plug-in is easy to use and helps me a lot. Every Chinese Otaku abroad should enjoy it.

    Siqi 2019.8.21
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