Overseas travel, chasing drama and listening to songs

On the long journey abroad, how can you have less familiar music and TV series. Use Malus to return home with one click to accelerate, and in his BGM, he is a poetic wanderer.

One-click to access China

Play abroad, accelerate music and videos anytime, anywhere, do not delay listening to songs, and chase dramas

MALUS supports accelerated national service Youku, Bilibili B Station, iQiyi, Tencent Video, QQ Music, Netease Cloud Music, YY, B Station Comics, Cool Dog Music, Cool My Music, Acfun, PP Sports, YY and other platforms Essence

One-click to access China

Provide as low as 7 days of travel package to meet multiple needs

For a short -term package for overseas travel, it is super cost -effective, one -click visit to China audio and video to meet the various needs during travel, and the perfect vacation is essential.

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Global intelligent route, wherever you go

Malus provides international networks that are all over the world, providing stable and efficient network acceleration services for global users to accelerate access to China National Service Website. Using the self -developed intelligent system, it provides a variety of accelerated businesses such as overseas static, music, videos, and live broadcasts.

One-click to access China

This application is too timely. Only when traveling abroad, I found that many music and video can not be used. This one is not bad. There is a short time package. You do n’t have to buy one month. The package is enough, perfect!

OrCle.cele 一键加速回国