Overseas tourism, chasing the drama listening to songs, two incorrect

How can I have a familiar music and TV series? Use the MALUS one-click to unlock overseas geographical restrictions, in their own BGM, do poetic wanders.

One-click to access China

Go abroad, accelerate music and videos in any country, don't delay listening songs, chase

MALUS supports unlocking acceleration (including unlimited) Youku, 哩 哩 B station, iQiyi, Tencent video, QQ music, Netease cloud music, YY, B station comics, shrimp music, cool dog music, cool music, Mango live MGTV, ACFUN, PP sports, ball color live broadcast, octopus TV, NetEase public class and other platforms.

One-click to access China

Provide up to 7 days travel package to meet multiple needs

Designed for overseas travel, ultra-cost-effective, one-button unlocking overseas geographic restrictions, meet a variety of needs in travel, and the perfect holiday is essential.

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Global intelligent route, where to go, speed is super fast

The MALUS server is distributed in multiple regions around the world, unlocking global users, accessing China's website to provide stable and efficient network acceleration services. Use the self-research intelligence system to provide a variety of acceleration services such as overseas static, music, video, live broadcast.

One-click to access China

This application is too timely, and travels abroad will discover the music overseas. Look at the video, this is not bad, there is a short time package, don't have to buy a 1 month, you will travel for seven eight days, buy A short-term package is enough, perfect!