Studying abroad, the solution lonely lonely time

Introverted alone overseas lonely? Failed to query the domestic academic literature? Lonely moment, with Malus solution to your problems, accelerated by global line return, carefree access to any domestic audio and video sites, learning entertainment correct.

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Unlock area restrictions, carefree chase drama, songs

Malus support access and acceleration (including but not limited to) Youku, beep miles beep miles B station, iQIYI, Tencent video, QQ music, Netease cloud music, shrimp music, cool dog music, cool music, YY voice, mango live MGTV, acfun, PPTV, octopus TV, live color ball, Netease open class, Chinese HowNet platforms.

One-click to access China

School penetrate the firewall barrier-free access

Campus network special network environments blocking a variety of services, what is not so that? Students access the domestic service how to do? Malus has excellent firewall technology breakthroughs to help you with Malus easily break through the campus network to speed up access to any Chinese audio and video sites.

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Students enjoy preferential education, providing holidays to suspend service

Malus for overseas students, offers 30% off discount education, and provides holidays to suspend services without the time to help you save up, do not waste money, doing the most cost-effective real returning accelerator, student life pleasant than anyone else.

Claims for the education discount

To force to force! Immediately after registering to receive a VIP day; the country can finally see smooth video, and domestic Chinese courses, matching side of the English curriculum point of view, can help it; it seems to go back and look at the purchase price, it is affordable, easy to use to try a few days you must buy a ~

Garfield Cui 一键加速回国