HD smooth live broadcast

I want to live broadcast overseas but the flow is slow, and the delay is high? Malus optimizes the live broadcast scene alone, specializes in the low -delayed line of live broadcast, breaks through the live broadcast, and also your normal high -definition live screen.

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Exclusive live scene, push flowing helper

Malus supports most of the live broadcast and applications. It is treated with OBS, live broadcast Ji, and YY voice optimization rules. In addition, we also support the acceleration of live applications such as Huya live broadcast, live partner, Kujiu live broadcast, and Douyin.

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Specialty to return to China Live low delay line

For overseas live broadcast scenes, Malus selects a low -delay line, tests and optimizes separately to ensure the stability of the live broadcast.

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1 to 1 customer service support, solve the problem online at any time

Official website online customer service, work order, Facebook, Twitter, multi -channel communication. Professional and technical customer service 1 to 1 support to help you solve the problem in real time.

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Malus is the only easy -to -use accelerator on the market that supports overseas accelerated live broadcasts. It not only has low delay, but also has a high push code rate. It can also accelerate the live broadcast of national service games.

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