Overseas students buy Malus Member

Exclusive 30% discount

Education mailbox free application
Exclusive 30% discount

Malus on the line more than two years, has been the enthusiastic support of the majority of overseas students, we hereby launch education credits for student users, registered through education and certification mailbox users can enjoy 30% discount on membership

Accelerate audio and video, break through the firewall

Malus access support and accelerate domestic mainstream audio and video applications, has the world's green server, network with students meet regional needs, in addition Malus has excellent firewall breakthrough technology to ensure the normal use of the campus network

Holiday suspended

Holidays do not have long to return the remaining members wasted, Malus provide intimate holiday suspend service without the time to help you save up, do not waste money, doing the most cost-effective real returning accelerator, student life pleasant than anyone else.

Education Offers Application Process

Step 1: Register Malus Member

The use of campus mail registration Malus members, mailboxes example: [email protected]

apply immediately
The second step: Certification campus mailbox

Go to individual centers, click on the button to confirm the mailbox, the mailbox to complete the certification process

The third step: buy Malus Package

Login account, go getmalus.com/buy official website to buy, choice of educational discount coupon

common problem

What conditions need to apply for educational discount?
If only overseas students or teachers have educational mailbox (ending edu), Malus membership application for registration and certification through the mail, you can get 30% off discount education.
I am a student, but without education how to do email?
If your school does not offer education-mail, please click on the bottom right corner of the online customer service website, your student ID card, or proof of relevant study available to us, we verified manually review.
When I graduate or leave school, what will happen to my account?
Since successfully authenticated users from the education discount, you can have up to 12 months to buy Malus members. If at the end of this period you are no longer a student, then your offer will be eligible to fail.