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You can break through regional restrictions and accelerate streming, watch videos, listen music and access web pages, the best choice for 500K customers. Support mobile, pad, desktop and tv platforms, highly recommend by our customers, unblock for free forever.

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Why using Malus?

You can watch Chinese videos, listen Chinese music , watch sports live oversea, but you found always slow or lose network, Because connect to Chinese websites need better route, better server and better technology

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Why Malus?

MALUS returning to China

Playing the national service overseas to play the national service game delay high frequently dropped? Using the MALUS accelerator, one-button return game acceleration, speed and stable no packet, perfect support to accelerate Window, iOS, Android multi-platform usage, king glory, Peace Elite, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, etc., also support YY Voice, listening to music, watching video.

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Malus use edge accelerate technology to make you watch videos and listen musics fast.

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Malus offer free plan to use, and offer smart VIP server globally: Smart, Fast, Unlimted

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Malus support iPhone, Android, Windows, macOS, Android TV, Chrome extension and so on.

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Why our customers love Malus?

There have been 500,000+ users after launch 2 years, and it has been recommended by 5000+ users, with an average score of 4.9 (out of 5). We will work hard to make Malus perfect for our lovely customers.
Richard Liu

I've encountered this through a lot of research. I've tried CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, and a few reputable VPN sites, but all of them were banned by China. There was no way of using QQ music outside China. Then I discovered this. Asked the support a few questions. Joe was really supportive and answered all my questions. Gave me VIP status for 1 day to try. It did what other apps couldn't do. Love it and highly recommend it for anyone who's trying to access QQ Music outside China!

Aurora Y

This is by far the greatest VPN that really works to connect in China. Just a tap, unblock KuGou! Amazing app, i am highly recommend malusvpn.


I cant imagine that I need to use malusvpn to watch quanzhigaoshou in Bilibili, CAO! Fortunately this plug-in is easy to use and helps me a lot. Every Chinese Otaku abroad should enjoy it.

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